Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Should be sayin' that to you by now, shouldn't I?
Layin' down the law that I live by,
Though maybe next time

I've got a thick tongue,
Brimming with the words that go unsung
I simmer then I burn for a someone,
A wrong one

And I tell myself to let the story end,
My heart will rest in someone else's hand

My 'why not me?' philosophy began,
And I say

Ooh, how'm I gonna get over you?
I'll be alright, just not tonight
Someday, hey, I wish you'd want me to stay
I'll be alright, just not tonight
But someday
"I'll be alright, just not tonight" is surprisingly soothing.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Putting words into action

be you. you will meet someone someday who will like your shy, conservative self. trust me, shyness is so much cuter than “acting more gay” ha- might as well write on your forehead “hello, i’m gay, single, and looking and desperate.”

Thank you for these inspirational words that I will now hold forever close to my heart.