Thursday, September 2, 2010

In With Atheism

I wonder how I've ever made sense of Christianity

About a week ago, I brought up the problem of evil with my mom at dinner. It wasn't a structural argument trying to prove why God doesn't exist, but I wonder what she thought about it. My main intention though, was hinting to her that I've given up my faith, which isn't a bad loss in the first place. A fitting quote I saw on a website "No I was not 'born again', excuse me for getting it right the first time" by someone. I don't know when atheism became culpable, but it is more benign than say, religion. Morality and love can still continue with atheism. Well, if my mom can't accept me being an atheist, she won't be any more progressive about homo things. Truly, I'm just glad I was able to find answers for myself that made more sense than Christianity did to me. And my "stop caring what others think" attitude has came in at a critical time too! Now if someone calls me a blasphemous f*g, I'll resist the temptation to kick them between their legs. Something happened this summer, by which I mean I had too much time to think for myself. It gave me a chance for me to question my faith deeply and analyze all the "truths" church has handed me for a decade. I don't think I can ever prove whether a God exists, but I'm more than sure that the Christian God isn't the one. It may provide comfort and good feelings, like it did for me, but after I examined the Bible, the facts just don't add up to me. (It's not ALL because I'm gay either)

Presently, I confessed today that I didn't believe in God anymore to my housemate as well. I presented my atheist POV pretty poorly, but I do have confidence in my lack of belief in God. I'm still open-minded to Christians, so I'll stay in the fellowship to support them as friends.

Sorry about the extremely emotional post yesterday. I don't know what to do about homosexuality anymore, and I wish even more that there is no "coming out of the closet" ever. One day, hopefully, being gay can be as normal as "normal". Not to say that I don't have it better than the gays before and now.


Antinous said...

Bravo! Good for ya and pls knw that you're not alone. 93% of members of National Academy Of Science, US are atheists. I'm a proud atheist as well. This is a wonderful era to be alive with many scientific discoveries regarding our origins and the universe. Science has killed God, literally. In with reason, logic and science. Out with gibberish, superstitions, supernaturals, and miracles. Morality is a humane primed and evolved condition and has no whatsoever to do with religion. I rather have a mind opened by wonder than closed by belief, I say.

William said...

We all have our path to follow.

Kris said...

Antinous- Still I couldn't believe how small the minority was still in America!! I think about 83% or higher consider themselves Christian! I'm amazed at the whole massive movement of christianity, well afterall, it did take me this long to figure it out.

Will- Yea, I absolutely think that, especially since now I feel more respect for most religions and of ppl trying to forge their own path.

Antinous said...

There just far too many and both politically and financially powerful Christian evangelicals in your country. The latest debacle involved teaching creationism along with evolution in classes during science lessons.

It baffles most and saddens me that despite many scientific discoveries and evidences, people still refuse to discard that ancient spiritual crutch. Ignorance or plain stubbornness?

Kris said...

I can't even begin to tell you how much of this dust gets sweeped under the tattering carpet of Christianity over here. It became obvious to me that they don't want to expose people to the many scientific discoveries that contradict the bible stories. I found a 5 year old national geographic magazine with the cover story of how old the earth is- it made it pretty clear that the earth can be dated to 4 Billion!! years ago. Could've said more on how creationism doesn't make any sense in comparison, but don't want to offend the fat cats here and begin any national protests. This is why I agree much with this:
“Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.”- Seneca

we have much to discuss, antinous!

oh man, i just found like 5 big typos in my post, maybe i got too worked up haha

Alex said...

Welcome to the club, my friend!
We came out 2 closets too: the gay and the atheist ones.
Here for you and you're not alone!

Kris said...

Hey Alex! haha i guess we did, huh! thanks a lot for your support too!!

Bravebear said...

Support... I somehow 'quit' being Christian too somewhere last year. Reason is I felt weak and fragile being one.

Kayson said...

Can't say anything that might help. But all the best!


Kris said...

Bravebear, belief isn't easy when your instinctive perceptions of yourself and the world doesn't add up with the belief. I wounded up feeling lost/weak as well awhile back because of this. if you need support, I hope I can help :))

Hi Kayson, i'm pretty sure any words from you will be supportive, and it's enough to know you are one of the ppl wishing me well! thanks a lot =))