Thursday, August 12, 2010

For the Heck of it

I wish to remember my younger self one day

Despite how I feel about how drudgingly slow August has went by, I'm amazed at how fast the whole last year went by. Feels like a breeze blew by so quick I forget that I've already completed my 2nd year, forgot that I experienced another heartache, and missed my own blog's birthday! So dramatic, yet so gone. Sometimes I think I can't get over this or when will that turn out for the better, but this blog has now become my own irrefutable testimony that the present does really turn into bygones. I might not have changed, hopefully I matured though, but the things around me surely has. I sorely wished I wrote about my past year because I know how cathartic blogging and writing is for anyone, but I also know I get lazy to wash the dishes or type even the smallest entry. And the initiative to come back and visit a recent past is because of a wise suggestion from the first blog-related friend I met in person. He reminded me of past feelings that I rarely felt anymore when I looked back to an old post and remember "ohhh, so this was what I was thinking" or "What was I thinking!?". Thanks for that and look how I took up your advice! Hoping I won't come back August 2011 and only finding this one lonesome entry.

Like it was all yesterday, but it was the day before that or even before that...

Another Design = Another Beginning...Good thing for some of this new blogger template action


William said...

Welcome back. And DO wash the dishes. :P

antinous said...

Took you long enuf, meh!

Kris said...

Hi Will~
Thank you! And don't worry, those dishes will be done by tomorrow morning xP

lol thanks for your indirect support =D **hugs**