Thursday, July 30, 2009

OMG, Let's Eat

Putting the love back into homey cooking

It's been awhile since the first time I posted pictures through my expedition of making Korean food, but let me warn you this, I have not stopped, not even close. On the contrary, I think I've regained some of the mystery, fun, and gratification in learning to cook from the beginning of this summer. Cheers to hoping that I won't get too lazy when I'm off in college to cook. A cooking addiction, now that can be anything, but bad right?

The Korean version of Sushi! It's Kimbap, but I don't mind referring to it as sushi...they're just like cousins :) This is amazingly fun to make, but a pain to cut into pieces.

These were rolled with kimchi, and these I didn't cut up since you can just eat it like a metal pole. Oh I lost my bamboo rollers so I used my hands instead, they're chubby looking, but not so bad huh? >_<

I also made bebimbap awhile ago, bebim means 'mix' I think and bap = rice. The beef, vegetables, and mushroom took a fair amount of time to cook, but worth the full experience of poking your chopsticks into 8 different ingredients.

(A) Please blindsight your eyes to our frog-colored, plant patterned tablecloth. And (b) Grab a little of everything to put on top of your rice. There's also suppose to be an egg on top, but I made too many egg sidedishes that week so I ran out, ops.

Before eating, bebimbap requires messing up the food you nicely stacked together moments ago. Sadly, beauty can never be preserved, oh well, at least I get to fill my stomach.

This past week I acquired some beef steaks and finally got to make the much-desired bulgogi, korean bbq! So here's what happened to the beef...

This is the mocha-swirl like marinade, it contains half an asian pear, only after it was beaten to a green/brown pulp.

This is Actually how it's suppose to look after the beef sits in the fridge overnight, transforming it from a lake-algae look to a septic swamp.

I pan fried the final result, but I think it would taste better if grilled, and I also made that kimchi.

I'll be trying another genre of food to make after I'm over my Korean phase. Also I'd be happy to cook for anyone of you guys! It's really fun for me, but the only downside is all that mess behind the camera.
Credits to Maangchi, for her amazing website which includes the recipes for all this.


manglish said...

oiishi-sou.....hhehee.......delicio-sou........:) i like to cook too but mainly those homecook mama style chinese food :)

成亿 said...

you just make me drooling with those delicious food...and it's already midnight when i read how am i going to bed with a growling stomach???

Kris said...

thanks~ You can teach me one day how to do the "homecook mama stylve chinese food"! actually that sounds a lot like my mom's stirfry cooking.

hahaha I know exactly what you mean! cause I plan what I want toc ook the next day at around midnight too and I get so hungry looking at the recipes, sorry!! xD

nase said...

droolz! nice presentation and soooo yummylicious!

Kris said...

you like Korean food lots right? let me cook for you one day!! =P and here's a napkin for your drool.

Gratitude said...

Yay, another foodie! Lets be like ol' aunties and trade food recipies. ^_^

nase said...

Yays! Got myself a date, lolz! Uh huh, a gastrosexual aren't ya? hehehehe!

Kris said...

ahahah not a problem! maybe I can finally cook something NOT korean for once. oh but 90% of my recipes can be found on!

It was awesome to get to chat with you! Hope I didn't freak you out with my bad typing and you finding out I'm not Korean actually and yes you can count on that date! i'll try to be as gastrosexually active as possible, heh heh

Anonymous said...

Hey Kris..

Check out this website.. she's got hilarious writings bout the korean culture.

Hope you like it.

Kris said...

Hey Stardust!!
Wow it's great to hear from you, well i do still visit your blog here and there, you really have some of the most amazing food pictures...much better than mine! OH LOL I know the stuffkoreanmomslike blog, I've read a few entries, it's pretty accurate about ahjummas. Much thanks for dropping by :)