Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Toast to a Wedding of Success

I hope my love will grow to be like theirs

At the altar they stood, looking lovingly into each other eyes while holding onto one another, saying those coveted words of “I do”. Now their lives are entangle until death do they part, together they are one, standing for one marriage with completely bounded hearts. The bride and groom's mother proceeded to light the wedding candle, signifying their family are now irrevocably intertwined. The exception being that the candles of the couple's hearts have not just been lit, it has only been spurred to a glorious blaze. In the same reference of time, I was grinning with excitement and graciousness just at the thought of how I witnessed such a magnificent and joyous occasion.
It was only last saturday that I attended family friend's wedding, but very grateful I could accompany them on one of their happiest day of their lives. In short, it was absolutely beautiful; besides the impressively picked décor, I am mainly talking about the couple's interaction. That was what stood out, what stunned me almost to happy, yet melancholic tears. The ceremony was touching, but perhaps it was more exciting for us observers as evidenced by all the cameras flashing like twinkling stars do on the most serene of nights. Of course I was on board with the rest of the wedding crew, spazzing my index finger over , click after click, as the saying goes “if you can't beat them, join them!” Thankfully the wedding procedurals were kept to a minimum; the mother's candle lighting, the pastor's blessings, the vow exchange, the ring exchange, the husband and wife candle lighting, and the climactic Kiss. *mwah* This part of the wedding happened so fast that I believe my constant picture taking captured enough. Thankfully, my sister was right besides me, clicking away, the perfect photographer's companion. As the event inside the church ended, the events outside began. We hurried out as the time for the wedding reception was right around the corner. Hold up though, before that, we needed wanted to take a few family pictures. Since many of our family members got to attend, including my first uncle and aunt, my second uncle and his wife, my cousin, and our own household. It was one of those rare chances that everyone all dressed-up and prettified and willing to take some pictures. A few of us ended up staying until the bride and groom came out of the church getting showered with confetti by the bridesmaids, then also taking pictures with the admitted perpetrators. We decided to make a take our leave to the reception, after going through two tolls we arrived at the hotel where it was held. The wedding attendees were escorted to a hall to start mingling, and I happened to talk to the bride's aunt and family a few times before finding out their relations. I congratulated the bride's father and was happy. I also took my first sip of alcohol ever at the reception since I was already past overboard with the wedding mood I got into. I even think it was a shrewd idea to include a bar at the lounge, for those easy, but tipsy introductions. I called my sister's drink the chumaloo even though I know the only similarity it has with the drink's original name was the “c-h”, but no matter, alcoholic drinks all tend to have funky names. It was a mix of milk, cream, and very little alcohol? Only the bitter aftertaste gave any hint of its presence. And after a few too many hors d'oeuvre sating too little of my appetite, the dining room finally shed open its door, letting the long suspended guests in. I was the last one there to fill the “young-adult” table, which also means champagne glasses included, yet I was the only one at the table below the drinking age (21). The hostess began the reception event, and we toasted to the bride and groom. I've already done the taboo, broke the law, so what's twice in a row worth? Unfortunately after the second sip, I admittedly gave up on least for the next few years, it felt like I need to dip my tongue in water to get rid of that bitter burn. The whole event was neatly and successfully executed, consisting of lots of dancing, lots of food, and lots & lots of alcohol. Every “young adult” there was holding some sort of alcoholic beverage by the time they hit the dance floor. (Another guy with the same name as me sitting at the table even brought his own beer holder, hopefully that is just a coincindence and not foreshadowing fate) Besides that, the father toasts were noteworthy, it was obvious how much they cherished their children and their newly acknowledged son/daughter. Anyways, this post is getting quite long, so I'll write about the most moving part of the wedding later. Lastly, Congratulations to Christina and Jeff, my indefinite blessings to you guys.

The Altar of Love! =)

Confetti shower anyone?

Limo of Love! *Just Married!*

Alcohol looks nice, but tastes bad (imho)

Lovely People (everyone's inebriated with love today)

The walnuts in there taste like candy



L M said...

My internet is like shit it refuses to load the photos (not even 1, gosh). Anyway you seemed to be having a lot of fun there =)
The last weeding I attended was like 3 years back, so undramatic -.-

ps: Should I post my photos on my blog? Need some advise here..

Gratitude said...

Sad to say, but the touching moments between any bride and groom is almost instantly replaced by the negative thoughts of "how long would this marital bliss survive?"

Nevertheless, I wish both of them well, I really do. ^_^


manglish said...

@ Ant: awwwwwww.......slap negative hahahaahha......but in the age where people are getting divorced quicker than a pizza delivery, that is a legitimate thought :)

@ Kris : lovely wedding....waiting for your next entry...ohhh look at the size of that limo....very well endowed :)

nase said...

I wants a gay wedding!

Kris said...

You should post pictures/anything on your blog if you feel comfortable doing so. I think we'll both be attending more weddings as we get older, hopefully if we're invited!

I tend to think in the eyes of the bride/groom where they're in the moment and have no other care in the world. Ignorance is such a blessing.

I hope you can also go to some beautiful weddings so you can have another outlook on marriage besides those with troublesome family affairs, this is the most recent and impressionable marriage I've seen, so I guess my mind is putting this as "ideal".

I'll be attending my first at your wedding! right right? =)

Maksim Markusevich said...

I love weddings too! well not because of the exchange of vows and this and that...coz i look forward to what is served on the menu at the reception dinner! lolxxx