Sunday, August 16, 2009

A little Something Personal

I write about weddings, things in my imagination, and relationships with my family and friends, but I would like to finally share a few personal things. I’ve been yearning to write a casual post, something un-profound and pertaining to my private life.

Foremost of all, I’m returning to college today, in about an hour I’m going to head to my newly leased apartment living with one guy and two girls, all Taiwanese, coincidentally haha. One guy and girl are brothers and sisters, and no worries for me since I have absolutely no attraction to my roommate. That’s not an insult to him though! He already has a gf in California anyways. My mother really approves of me cooking for myself at school so yesterday we shopped 5-6 bags of groceries for things I need to cook. Thanks Mom =)

I’m a sophomore (2nd year) in college and I’m a computer science major, but I’m not sure if I want to stick in that major. My very kind Uncle also works in the computer field, he is quite proud I’m studying in his field, but I just can’t be confident that this is the right path for me. I only stick with it because it’s a viable option as a decent career (makes $$) and lack of a better interest. What does my father think? I have no idea because he still lives in Taiwan, all by himself.

I’ve also committed a dastardly deed, repeatedly, for one week. I drove the car without a license! As illegal as it is, I did not feel too guilty since I only drove about a quarter of a mile (.5 km???), just to the library. I was surprised I was daring enough to drive by myself, but I also learned when I do something for myself, I get the most out of it.

Also I wanted to impart to you bloggers how appreciative I am for all of you guys. Thanks for reading (even commenting with your helpful knowledge and experiences), more importantly, thank you for writing your own blogs. It’s indescribable how much it has helped me to develop and mature in my thinking. For once in my life I feel like I’m not alone in my situation as a gay. I could always relate to my friends in their problems and endeavors as normal or as abnormal as they were. But who could relate to me? As a closeted gay, I could not reach out to anyone and that feeling only grows worse the longer you keep it to yourself. But just revealing that fact online, telling even one soul, where we can share stories, support each other, even as the strangest of strangers…that was enough for me. Actually I was wrong, this has been more than I could ever have asked for. Thank you very much everyone, especially Mr. n, you know who you are!!
I was thinking of adding a picture of me would be a fitting end to this post, because really I don’t feel like we’re strangers at all anymore.

Perhaps you cannot call me your friend, but at least I know we’re more than mere acquaintances now.

Ironically I divulge so much information and pictures of events that anyone who knows me in real life or on facebook would know I wrote all of it, although this blog is actually suppose to be anonymous!! But sometimes even I forget that :)

I wish I looked like this

p.s.I apologize that you have to read the whole post to pick out any info on me!


L M said...

Harro =)
I just finished doing my assignment and I'm free for now! xD xD
Blogging is really cool huh? It connects everyone up. Haven't been blogging for a few days and I already feel outdated =(
Good luck studying yea!

Kris said...

wow studying hard already? =D thanks for the luck and I wish much luck to you as well, i really hope we can both do well in school!...update your blog too or I'll feel out of touch from your life heh heh ~hugs~

nase said...

Gosh who is this Mr N? *envious!

well, good luck on your future endeavours and I wish that this sophomore year will open up fresh ideas to learn and lead you to your full potential as what you're capable of becoming one day, yeah.

indeed, the small space we reach out in cyberworld is surprisingly returning more than we expected in the first place, isn't it great? so keep on blogging if you have the time after those studies and assignment of course. :-p

Gasp! My word verification is 'cheesi'!!!!

Kris said...

Oh I don't know Nase, Mr.N is quite the enigma. And thanks for your support, I really do get weak at the smallest things and your infinite support is always something that makes me smile everytime. Oh...I was so reluctant that I have to put blogging behind my studies...but I shall do what it takes =/
lol 'cheesi' seems to be an apt word for my entries!! haha

成亿 said...

it's a nice feeling having people reading your posts and commenting on it...make you feels like there's someone out there listening to your thoughts and all...good luck in your studies...choose to major in a field you have interests in rather than the one with good pays but low job satisfaction...that's what i think anyway...

L M said...

I already updated it yesterday but the blogger didn't notify it for some reason, so yea just hop into my blog =D

manglish said...

well well well Kris, nice to know more about you and keep writing...i am addicted to know more :)

Kris said...

i agree! I don't want to be stuck with a job i hate when i'm 40, so I am still searching for something interesting I can study in. And it's a nice feeling to read about your life, 成亿 =)

I already hopped over =D

Lol nice profile pic! looks like a vintage yearbook pic. you're addicted!? looks like we're both high from each other's blogs~!

Julian S said...

I couldn't agree more when u said that you could not reach out to anyone and that feeling only grows worse the longer you keep it to yourself.

I could truly relate to what you are experiencing now. Blogging really helps you in knowing more people who are in the same predicament as you and it is really comforting to have blogger friends who are supportive.

Remember you are not alone. This is just a beginning and hope you will not give up hopes. (Haha... ironically, I'm telling you what other bloggers have been telling me all this while. I believe I have changed into a more optimistic person and the blogging experience had definitely enriched me in certain ways.)


Kris said...

I totally know what you mean, about becoming more optimistic up our lives, about feeling that what we face we're not exactly doing it alone anymore, I really thank the people behind blogging (like you!) who give so much support to others, I have recently felt a bit lazy to update the blog because everything is happening so fast right now, but you give me more to look forward to once again in this large world of bloggers, the reason being I want to get to know you guys better.