Saturday, August 29, 2009


Have my entries just flopped over and dried up to a carcass of what it originally was in the summer?

Yes, this is what I think and I had to force myself to realize I'm really not taking the time to update, not to mention not even trying my best to practice writing. Guilt and laziness have been having a competition this past week and without saying, laziness won the last 6 days. This guilt stems from me not staying consistent , it's just been very easy to get carried away by the current at college. The only reason guilt could finally overcome laziness, what I know of as the reigning champion of moods in me, was the little bits of motivation from you guys' entries. Collectively, you guys have chipped away my apathetic exterior. Overtime the small pieces of feelings and thoughts left behind from reading other blog entries began to light my fuel again. The embers begin to glow again, although, this fire still feels cold to the touch. To not leave a part of my soul behind, I will quickly write some things I wanted to write full blog entries for, but procrastinated. Now it's just a glimpse back.

I live at a townhouse this year and all the mailboxes of every house in the community is placed in one area. When school hadn't started yet, in my boredom, I went to check the mail. By the time I got to the area of 10 mailboxes, each divided into 16 smaller boxes, I realized I never looked up which box out of the 160 boxes was mine. I live in the last row of houses in the community, so I decided to try my luck. At the time I didn't really calculate accurately so I impulsively decided to try opening them all. It got awkward at times when other community neighbors drove near the area, I had to act naturally, exactly the opposite of a creeper trying to unlock the whole place's mailbox. After around ...25...26...27th box my key went in the hole and turned. Like striking gold, I felt ecstatic that today I was a pretty lucky man.

Inside was a pile of white letterings and newspaper. I looked on the address of the mail and it read Frederick S----, but I concluded that it was just the last year's resident's name and mail. I was completely ignorant of the fact that the address listed below the name was not my house's address. I pressed on. Also a key to the locker for bigger packages laid in the mailbox. This key convinced me, if I wasn't already, since I was waiting for my books to arrive this week as well. To my fault, I opened the bigger locker and there were at least 5 books in there! Whoa! All my books already shipped here? Probability must have shut its mouth for the day, lucky me~ Actually it had the last word, written in the same exact words of "Frederick S----". Astonishment, realization, and that order I got it all wrong. The mailbox I opened wasn't mine, it belonged to Fred. Yea, that must be why the address printed did not even have the same street as mine. Well, I thought "I'll put the locker key in his mailbox again so he can get his books later." I closed the locker door and tried to take out the key, but it wouldn't even budge! The second barrage of Ari struck. I'm really battling luck today. The key was only suppose to open the locker once and the mailman was suppose to pick up the key after the rightful person opened it and retrieved the contents. So now the locker was left opened to the public, it can also be stolen... the community office was closed so I had no other solution left. Well I did lock up his mailbox, it was the least I could manage after a series of frown-face :( events. I mean I was so sure of myself, my key opened the box, it must be my mailbox. So I left the locker with his books there unlocked, unable to think of a resolution and begging that not stealing is still a virtue.

It's not over!! I don't understand how I ended up writing so much that I need to explain the second day of this accident in another post, perhaps I really have been deprived of writing x] I thought I could fit all 3 things I wanted to share in this one post, guess not!

Pictures I took around the same time frame this happened, all from my cell.

On the road driving to my college house

The scenery was so incredible I took many pictures of it. Is God coming? ;)

The biggest rainbow I've ever seen in my life happened that week too!

When my housemate moved in, we went out to my favorite Thai restaurant in the quiet city.


L M said...

Hahaha so did you manage to locate your mailbox? ;)
That guy stopped sending me messages anymore.. for now.. xD
I want bubble tea toooo

manglish said...

hahahaha luckily it was only Fred's mailbox which you wrongly opened, imagine if it were another box :) and they said rainbow was supposed to bring good luck....:)

Kris said...

Oh haha, I forgot to mention I was so confused that I didn't even try to find mine after that. I went home and looked up my mailbox #. It definitely was Not the one I opened. =P Glad you're getting some peace from that guy, got your hints finally eh eh?
OH OH! I did get bubble tea today!! I got red bean flavored one, which I've never had before. Their taro flavored one is pretty good too.

HAHA! I don't understand why it would be bad if I opened someone else's box...except that if it contained some XXX material in there...LOL? Yes, all of Fred's mail was safe. The rainbow was crazy! Very bright, but my cellphone camera couldn't capture that. Besides that, luck's been very fickle with me lately, today good, yesterday not so good, tomorrow...? :)

Anonymous said...

wow at the rainbow and the thai food.. >.< hungry now.